Conditions of registration - Mundiavocat


Published on 1st March 2024.
The organisers reserve the right to modify the terms of these rules

1.1. The tournament is open exclusively to teams of lawyers from law firms, groups of law firms, notaries, magistrates, (notaries, judges, etc.) and graduates of higher legal studies.
1.2. Each team must include:
• 11-a-side football: 13 to 26 players
• 5-a-side football: 6 to 13 players

2.1. Team formation

All teams shall be constituted in accordance with the following rules. Subject to the exceptions set out in clause 2.2 below, players must be:

  • lawyers registered (or previously registered) with a bar association;
  • holders of a post-graduate legal or judicial diploma,
  • legal trainees aged over 23 (born before 31.12.2001), with a limit of 2 per team.

2.2 Principles of exemption

Exceptions may be made for permanent employees of law firms, notaries or the various courts. The number of exceptions may not exceed 3 players per team. In this case, a list of “exempt” and “non-exempt” players must be submitted, together with a certificate of employment certifying that the exempt players are in fact permanent employees of the firm. These employees must be over 30 (born before 31.12.1994) in Classic & Five tournaments, over 35 in Master tournaments (born before 31.12.1989), over 45 in Legend tournaments (born before 31.12.1979) and over 55 in Super Legend tournaments (born before 31.12.1969).

2.3 Validation of exemptions

No request for exemption can be submitted and therefore accepted for a person who plays or has played football for a professional or semi-professional club, or for any other paid club. To be valid, requests for exemption must be sent to Vincent Pinatel, lawyer and co-founder of Mundiavocat, no later than 45 days before the start of the tournament. All the above conditions for exemption are essential but not sufficient to guarantee exemption. The final decision rests with the Tournament Committee, composed of Mr Pinatel and Mr Pagnier (Tournament Director).


  • Lawyers without age limit and cases mentioned above


  • Lawyers over 35 years of age (born before 31/12/1989) and cases mentioned above
  • 5 lawyers over 30 years of age (born before 31/12/1994)


  • Lawyers over 45 years of age (born before 31/12/1979) and cases mentioned above
  • 5 lawyer players over 40 years old (born before 31/12/1984)

Super Legend

  • Lawyers over 55 years old (born before 31/12/1969) and cases mentioned above
  • 5 lawyer players over 50 years old (born before 31/12/1974)

Five Women and Men

  • Lawyers without age limit and cases mentioned above
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