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Extract from the registration requirements

Published 30 July 2023.
The organisation reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of these rules.

1 – Team registration

1.1. The tournament is open exclusively to teams of lawyers from Asian bar associations, groups of bar associations, and law firms.
1.2. Each team must include:

  • 11-a-side football: 13-26 players
  • 5-a-side football: 6-13 players

2 – Eligibility of players

2.1. Team formation

Each team must be made up taking into account the following provisions:
With the exception of cases of exemption referred to in section 2.2 below, all players must be:

  • Lawyers registered (or previously registered) at a bar of the country of the registered team;
  • Law students or trainee lawyers, over 22 years of age (born before 31/12/2002), within the limit of 2 per team for the Classic and Five tournament.

2.2 Exemption principles

Exemptions may apply to the holders of a diploma of higher legal or judicial studies, and more generally permanent employees of law firms, insofar as they do not exceed four players for the eleven-a-side tournaments, and two players for the five-a-side tournament. In this case, a list including lawyers and non-lawyers, as well as a statement from the law firm certifying that the non-lawyers are permanent employees of the organisation must be provided.
These employees must be aged over 30 (born before 31/12/1994) in the Classic and Five tournaments and over 35 in the Master tournament (born before 31/12/1989).

2.3 Validation of exemptions

No exemption requests will be accepted for non-lawyers playing or having played football for a professional club, a semi-professional club, or any other club for payment. To be admissible, exemption requests should be sent to Mr Vincent Pinatel, founding lawyer of Mundiavocat, no later than 45 days prior to the start of the tournament.
All conditions set out above relating to exemptions are mandatory, but are not in themselves
sufficient to guarantee an exemption. The final decision rests with the exemption commission, composed of Mr Pinatel and Mr Pagnier (tournament director).

3 – Team composition


  • Lawyers with no age limit and in the cases mentioned above


  • Lawyers who are over 35 years of age (born before 31/12/1989) and in the cases mentioned above
  • Maximum of 5 lawyer players over 30 years of age (born before 31/12/1994)

Five A-Side

  • Lawyers with no age limit and in the cases mentioned above
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