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The Bars and Law Societies Football World Cup, known as “Mundiavocat”, is a tournament reserved́ for legal professionals from all over the world.

Created in 1983, the competition brings together over a hundred teams from some fifty countries every two years.
The last edition was held in Marrakech in May 2022.

The competition takes place over 9 days, from Saturday to Sunday. Each team plays between 5 and 7 matches, lasting between 40 and 80 minutes, depending on age category and progress in the tournament.

6 football tournaments will be organised:

  • Classic 11-a-side (no age limit)
  • Master 11-a-side (over 35 years old)
  • Legend 11-a-side (over 45 years old)
  • Super Legend 11-a-side (over 55 years old)
  • Five-a-side Women (no age limit)
  • Five-a-side Men (no age limit)


To ensure that the competition runs smoothly, a regional association will provide the referees needed to organise the tournament matches. International referees will also take part in the competition. There will be 3 referees and 1 delegate for each 11-a-side match, and 1 referee and 1 delegate for each 5-a-side match.


Prizes will be awarded in each tournament:

Champions, runners-up, and 3rd place; cups and medals (gold, silver, and bronze)
All other teams will receive a cup with their relative ranking
Special prizes will also be awarded in each category for the best player, top scorer, best goalkeeper, best manager, and most fair play team.
Presentation - Mundiavocat

Team entries

There is no limit to the number of teams per city or country, nor is there a pre-qualification system.

Have a look at our terms and conditions of registration

Presentation - Mundiavocat
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