The World Football Cup for lawyers, called “MUNDIAVOCAT” is an international tournament dedicated to lawyers around the world. Created in 1983 by Vincent Pinatel, a French lawyer at the Marseille Bar Association, and Pierre Lusinchi, the “MUNDIAVOCAT” is now held every two years, even year.

The first edition held in Marrakech (Morocco) brought together 14 teams while the last edition held in Cambrils/Salou (Spain) in 2018 brought together 140 teams. In its 37 years of existence, the MUNDIAVOCAT has seen more than 50 different nations participate. 

Given the growing desire of bars around the world to participate in football tournaments throughout the year, Corporate Sport Organisation decided to create the Eurolawyers in 2005 (8th edition in 2019), Americalawyers in 2009 (6th edition in 2019), Asialawyers in 2007 (4th edition in 2019) and the French-speaking lawyers tournament “Avocats francophones” in 2017 (2nd edition in 2019).