Marrakesh 2022


Moroccan tourist capital, Marrakesh is the city with a thousand and one splendours and four dominant colours: red ochre of the houses and ramparts, green of the palm trees, blue of the sky and white of the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas mountains.

The Medina, Jemaâ el Fna square, the souks, the Koutoubia mosque and the palm grove are just some of the places that make this city so fascinating.

For its 20thanniversary, Mundiavocat returns with pride to the imperial city, where it had its first moments of glory in 1983, 1984 and 2000 for the 10thedition.

The popular fervour for football, the attention to detail and the magic of this place are the qualities that contributed to the legend of the 3 previous Mundiavocat editions in Marrakesh.

In addition, for all of us, the deep tradition of hospitality of the Moroccan people is fthe pledge of a warm welcome, where spirit of celebration and friendship compete with the recognised professionalism of the Moroccan authorities.

Be confident that this 20th edition will be unforgettable.

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