International Lawyers Football Federation

The ILFF is an informal worldwide association of lawyers who are willing to help consolidate the international fellowship of the profession through football meetings.

The missions of ILFF members

  1. Support the MUNDIAVOCAT and the continental tournaments organized by Corporate Sport Organization (CSO) in:
  • relaying information broadcasted by CSO to your Bars, your network, the media;
  • giving to CSO contact files needed for tournament development;
  • conducting visits to CSO representatives in your country.
  1. Being an actor of the football lawyers’ news in:
  • informing CSO of the schedule of national football tournaments in your area of ​​influence;
  • collecting the results of these national tournaments with results, prizes, etc.;
  • boosting the “International Friendly Games”.
  1. Act to promote national lawyer tournaments in your country of residence by:
  • labelling “ILFF” the existing tournament(s);
  • creating, if possible, with the assistance of CSO, a national tournament labelled “ILFF” if nothing exists;
  • helping CSO to be the fair-play trophy partner for each of these tournaments.
  1. Take part in the life of the association by:
  • being present at meetings: tournaments, general assemblies, etc.;
  • contributing to the thinking of the tournament architecture: frequency, period, sites, admissions, etc.;
  • sharing new ideas: women’s tournament, futsal, Super Legend category, international team.

You can find the ILFF members here

If you want to join the association, please do not hesitate to contact us