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7-15 December 2024


United Arab Emirates

Dear colleagues, dear friends,
The great and fabulous story of Mundiavocat opens a new chapter in the Middle East.
 We are honoured to invite you to the 21st World Cup of Football for Bars, Law Societies and the Legal Profession from 7 to 15 December 2024 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

For the first time ever, the competition will be held in December to take advantage of the particularly pleasant climate in the Persian Gulf.

In Dubai, the city of possibilities, we are preparing an unforgettable event with a world-class sports and hotel infrastructure and a destination that offers an unrivalled range of activities and leisure options.

For the first time, we are delighted to be offering football competitions at a single venue for each tournament: Sevens Stadium for 11-a-side football and Precision Football for 5-a-side football, which should create an extraordinary atmosphere.

See you soon

8 days of competitions. Groupe phase and finals – 6 tournaments
Classic 11-a-side (no age limit)
Master 11-a-side (over 35 years old)
Legend 11-a-side (over 45 years old)
Super Legend 11-a-side (over 55 years old)
Five 5-a-side Women (no age limit)
Five 5-a-side Men (no age limit)
Vincent Pinatel

Vincent Pinatel, Lawyer in Marseille (France) and Co-founder of the Mundiavocat

Pierre Lusinchi

Pierre LUSINCHI, Managing Director of Corporate Sport Organisation and Co-founder of the Mundiavocat

“See you in December 2024 to meet your colleagues from all over the world”

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