In addition to all the players that are suspended after receiving a red card in the last game or 3 yellow cards in 3 games and that are mentionned on the match reports of the 9/5/2017 please note the following :

Disciplinary commission

8th may 2008


Match Feras de Babilonia Legend – Trelew :


An unacceptable incident happen on the field after the game.

A fight between the team of Trelew and some people, fans of Babilonia Legend, members of Feras de Babilonia Classic delegation happen.

For unacceptable behaviour of the two incriminated delegations, with being able to identify the people involved in the general fight the following decision has been taken :

The teams of

  • Trelew Legend
  • and the Team of Feras da Babilonia Classic

are sanctionned with a suspended exclusion of the tournaments organised by Corporate Sport Organisation (Mundiavocat ans Americalawyers) in case of any backslide of unadapted behaviour during one of Corporate sport organisation tournaments.


Match : La Plata Legend – ASF Catania


Following the referee report, concerning the game between La Plata Legend and ASF Catania, indication a violent behaviour of one player at the end of the game :

We listen to the player and the team captain, in order to have some explanations about the situation and the incidents.

The disciplinary commission of the Mundiavocat decided to suspend Carlos Celiar Aprea for 2 games + one games « suspended sentence »* for a unadapted behaviour toward an official.

*one more games in case of a yellow card





The president of the Commission

Mr Stéphane Bré