Disciplinary commission

10th may 2018



1st case : Mazandaran Bar Association – Casanblanca 1


Casablanca 1 attests that after the end of the game, before the penalty session, one player from the bench replaced the goalkeeper.


After consulting the match report and the officials (delegates, referees) it’s a fact that it’s a player that was on the pitch already, in the 11 players, and not on the bench, that replace the goalkeeper.


Following these facts, the request is rejected.



2nd case : Mexico Torreon – OAB PA


Following violent and dangerous behaviour during the games, theplayers from Mexico Torreon, N° 26 (Limones Munoz Dagoberto) and N°11 (Olivares Medina Moises) received red cards. Behaviour after the cards has been judged as unacceptable by the Commission.


N° 26 (Limones Munoz Dagoberto)

and N°11 (Olivares Medina Moises)


are suspended for 3 games.



3rd case : Cordoba Master – Mexico CDMX


During this game the player from Mexico CDMX, Irra Cortes, N°58 has received 2 yellow cards. After receiving the red card resulting from the two yellow one, he refused to leave the pitch. He showed unsport behaviour, putting unecessary pressure on the game.

Only with the aim of the captain, he left the pitch a few minutes after.


The player n° 58 de Mexico CDMX Master, is supended for 2 games.



4th case : Cavalo de Troia – Rosario Novel Classic


This game was stopped by the referee at the 50th minute, after he has been insulted, pushed, intimidated and blocked on the pitch by some players of the team: Rosario Novel Classic.


After listening to the request of Rosario Novel to play the end of the game, and after studying the case, the following decision has been taken:


  • The game is officially considered as lost 3 – 0 by the team of Rosario Novel Classic


  • Player n°21 – Solari Fernando – is excluded from the Mundiavocat tournament


  • Players N°5 – Alonso Ignacio – is excluded from the Mundiavocat tournament


  • The case of the goalkeeper, N°1, Paton Urich is suspended from the Mundiavocat


  • The Captain, responsible of the team, identified as Emiliano Mossotti, is suspended for 1 games for not helping managing his player on the pitch and let the situation going worse.



5th case : Ordine Avv. Di Roma Legend – Cordoba Master 1


The team of Cordoba Master 1, was received by the commission for a contest on a player qualification from Ordine Avv. Di Roma.


After studying the request, :

  • confessing a mistake from the organisation, giving a licence for a player a few months too young,
  • not considering the accusation of voluntary cheating of Ordine Avv. Roma


the request of Cordoba Master to win the game 3-0 is rejected.


In the same time this player will be asked to give back his licence to the organisation for the Legend tournament.


For the request about the fact that Ordine Avv. Roma Legend is using a player, that his not in the list, the fact is not recognize by lack of elements.



The president of the disciplinary commission,

Stéphane Bré