Kyiv Regional Bar Council Head’s Cup

On November 24-25, the 3rd annual futsal tournament among lawyers “Kyiv Regional Bar Council Head’s Cup” was held in Kyiv, Ukraine.

“Kyiv Regional Bar Council Head’s Cup” is one of the most prestigious futsal tournaments among lawyers in Ukraine, gathering the best amateur teams of colleagues from all over the country year after year.

This year 12 teams from all parts of Ukraine participated in it. Two days of the fair and emotional fight, real sport, and struggle to the last seconds. And in the end, Evris-Kyivschyna team won the first prize, becoming champions of this tournament. That was not an easy task, to defeat such strong rivals, but this team of lawyers from Kyiv region managed to do it! The S.C.Advocates team from Kyiv got silver medals, and Advoteam Rivne were the bronze prize winners.

Year by year, the Kyiv Regional Bar Council strives to ensure that the level of the tournament and its significance for legal community grows. And we do encourage lawyers’ football teams from other countries come to Kyiv next year to participate in the fourth Annual Futsal Tournament among lawyers “Kyiv Regional Bar Council Head’s Cup”.

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